Edelsteintrilogie von Kerstin Gier

09.05.2012 15:08
Hallo Ihr Lieben, habe die letzten Tage zur Abwechslung zum Uni- und Arbeitsstress die Edelsteintrilogie von Kerstin Gier gelesen und eines vorab: "Es ist mit Abstand die schönste Geschichte, die mir je in die Hände gefallen ist." Den ersten Teil "Rubinrot" habe ich von meiner bestern...

Quote of the day

03.05.2012 10:12
"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. "(Henry Ward Beecher)

Quote of the day

29.04.2012 20:42
Qotd: For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.(Bo Bennett)   Found a perfect picture to represent 'truth' on:       Seek truth, trust in truth for it...

ISF German support united

24.04.2012 14:38
Hi there, do you like to protect nature, to settle change and make the world a better place? SUPPORT THE IAN SOMERHALDER FOUNDATION If you are located in Germany, you can go for: Let's get together

Earth Day 2012

22.04.2012 08:48
EARTH DAY may be only once a day per year. But there's 365 other days left on which good can be done, on which nature needs protection. START NOW on EARTH DAY and never stopp doing good things. A small step can lead to a huge effect. Go greener, make change! Germany should also consider a 'clean...

Earth Day 2012

22.04.2012 08:47
Today is #EARTH_Day - how do you protect your planet?good things start with little and end up great.Go greener,clean your town,plant a tree something to protect our planet!

Earth Day 2012

22.04.2012 08:45
Simply help s.o. in need on #EARTH_DAY,use bike instead of car today,enjoy and protect nature,happy #EARTH_DAY everyone!

Get your Ian Cross for Earth Day

20.04.2012 19:57
Want to go green and do something environmentally good for Earth Day? Get your Ian Cross via B.O.B. Bob and Ian Somerhalder are creating true art out of barnwood. % of sales goes to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF). Perfect decoration and presents for your loved ones can be bought there:...

Quote of the day

20.04.2012 11:17
The smallest distance between two hearts; a smile, a hug, a kiss (Jil Aimée Bayer)


18.04.2012 20:05
Life is simply to be lived. (c) Jil Aimée Bayer
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