A family to own

18.03.2012 11:28

A family to own


Who is there if you’re in fear?

If you feel alone, who’s near?

Who holds your hand if you are down?

If you need help, who’s around?


Who dries your tears, if your eyes weep?

If you feel lost, who’s there to keep?

Who takes your hand if you missed your way?

If there’s no way out, who’s your ‘come what may’?


Who heals your wounds if you get hurt?

If you need advice, who’s heard?

Who carries your sorrows if you can’t walk?

If you have trouble, who’s there to talk?


A love that signs life for you!

A heart you can always turn to!

A place that your soul calls home,

that is a family to own!


© Jil Bayer