There's a whole world to discover: Hello again

14.09.2013 23:49

Hi there,

I know it's been a long time and way to long, but there were a lot of things going on in the past month. First of all: I finished my diploma with distinction. Been preparing myself for this for so long. Second: I also finished my bachelor's program in handing in my thesis on 'Social Media and data protection'-still waiting for the results, so I am kind of curious. Third of all: A few month ago, my husband and I got asked if we could pack all our belongings and move to the USA for about 3 months and this is where I am, now. So it has been a very busy time - with almost no chance to pack and to say goodbye to all our loved ones.


The 3 months are already over and we are about to leave for Germany in approx.3 weeks. But, we'll be back to the states, soon. I am planning on applying for master's program over here.


I'll give you a brief note on what we've seen so far. So there's Eugene, Oregon - the place where we lived. It is a beautiful and very peaceful city with a lot of free spirits and the nicest people I have ever met. We took a hike on Spencer's Butte and I got myself inspired for a lot of new poems and novels to write.



We also took a brief vaca to LA - the city of Angels over Labor Day. It is definetly one of the greaest cities I have ever been to and our 'home-to-be' if we're lucky to make a dream come true on the long run. Universal Pictures Studios is worth the fun and the view from Griffith Observatory is unique.



Than, there's been Vegas - SinCity with all the pleasure of lights and shows and gambling - always worth a trip! Go for CocaCola and take a tasty tour around the wolrd :)



FogCity really was foggy, but we got our shot with Golden Gate, Sausalito and the beautiful city.


You'll read from me soon, promised <3