Truth in love - 1. Gedicht aus meinem Gedichtband

13.03.2012 19:03

Truth in love


The truth in love – not hard to find

Two loving hearts – combined.

A lover’s vow – a weeping child

Burning passion – love is wild.


The truth in love – is all there is

If fare away – you’ll miss.

A charming smile – a hand to hold

Being soul mates – love is gold.


The truth in love – to cherish though

Together, forever, a common bow.

A deeper base – of that you’re sure

A solid rock – though love is pure.


The truth in love – no masquerade

Staying unite - is fate

Pureness and gentle – without disguise

Come what may – love is wise.


The truth in love – no dissipate

Never wasting – never wait

Being honest – for eternity (What is love?)

Love is you – and – love is me!

© Jil Bayer